I am so excited for you and so thankful that you chose me to be the one to guide you on this beautiful journey!
I cannot wait for you to get your Starter Bundle and begin transforming your home into a low tox oasis!


How to order your Starter Bundle:

  1. Click on this link: bit.ly/ourlovelydrops

  2. Here you can choose your Starter Bundle

  3. The next step is the best part! It is optional and it asks if you would like to enroll in our Essential Rewards program. I‘m gonna tell you a little bit about it because it‘s something I‘m so excited about and then you can make a decision that fells right for you. ER is our monthly rewards program through which you place an order each month (it can be a smaller order too) and get percentage back for it in points you can then redeem for free products of choice. After three consecutive months, the percentage goes up to 20%, I enrolled in ER right away and just redirected my home budget towards it as it was my way to get rid of all the toxins from my home. ER is optional and can always be signed up for later on. If you choose to enroll in ER, just click ‘YES‘, Once you do, you‘ll have to click ‘YES‘ to ‘use my sterter budle as my first er order‘. Then you‘ll need to fill up your cart for next month. 

  4. Filling up your cart for next month is like a wish list and none of the items you add will be purchased and you can change your cart a million times until you process it again next month. Click on ‘customize my monthly order‘ and then type in the 'fast add' section products you'd like to try in the future or browse our catalog. Once you're done, click save monthly order & then next and next. ER can also be switched off at any time with no fees involved if you decide that it's not what you want. If you choose to click 'NO' to Essential Rewards, you can just hit 'next', 

  5. Fill out your memebership info and set up your sign in information. Under commission processing info click individual. All account information can be changed later on as well. Agree to terms and conditions and hit 'continue'. 

  6. Choose your payment method (Visa, MasterCard, PayPal) and that's it. 

  7. Once your order goes throuht, you'll receive a confirmation email as well as an email from me with all the info and links to our online community.

If you have any question at all, don't hesitate to reach out.

Together we can do great things

                                                                                                       Mother Teresa